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Since 2014, School to Career has been working with the Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market to provide a Teen Market program that gives students a natural introduction to entrepreneurship. Participating students receive business counseling and have the opportunity to sell their products at several venues, including the Tuesday Night Market, the Hillsboro Farmers Market, and the Aloha Farmers Market.

Summer 2019

Dandelion Design




Claire's watercolor images




Rachel's coloring pages




Brian's Lapidary




Dylan's watercolor art




The Macalino Authors




Sophia's cards




Simon's art and clothing




Lexy's characters




Tessa's prints, stickers, and totes

Teen Market Timeline

Market application packets and flyers are sent to Hillsboro and Beaverton high schools.
Check with your College & Career centers and/or your CTE teachers for information or contact us at


Due date for packets

The Chamber will host three after-school “Get Ready” meetings.  Community members will help you learn about how to launch your business, figure out your product offerings, establish prices, and more.

We will create our summer schedule based on your chosen dates and send it out so that students and parents can be confident in their plans.
Hillsboro students will have the opportunity to have a booth at the Proud to Be HSD Festival.

June through August-
Teen Market in full swing


Past Markets

Team of brothers working their booth together




Up-cycled fabric dog ties, toys and tutus

Kinetic sand and gorgeous painted tiles

Beautiful packaging

Old fence boards given new life

Paws for Pals fundraiser

Service dog fundraiser

If you are interested in learning more about School to Career, we would love to talk with you. Please contact us at 503.726.2154 or email School to Career Director, Heather Ferrin-Myers at