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Since 2014, School to Career has been working with the Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market to provide a Teen Market program that gives students a natural introduction to entrepreneurship. Participating students receive business counseling and have the opportunity to sell their products at several venues, including the Tuesday Night Market, the Hillsboro Farmers Market, and the Aloha Farmers Market.


1. RESUME – if you don’t have one you can use our Resume Builder on our website or at
2. COVER LETTER – 3 good paragraphs- Include: 1-Student introduction and career interest 2-Any related business/crafting experiences 3-Your idea for the business – include pictures if you can
3. PARENT PERMISSION FORM– Print, fill out, and get signatures then send a photo of the completed form TEEN MARKET PERMISSION FORM

Recommended  – Complete the training at  Young Entrepreneurs ;An Essential Guide to Starting Your Own Business available online at:

Turn in to

Teen Market FAQs

What type of items can I sell at Teen Market?

You may sell hand-made items that are made by you only. Or, it could be a unique service, such as face painting, photo booth, balloon animals, etc. No (human) food items are allowed!  Pet food is ok. Try to think about having a variety of items, different colors, prices, and styles will help you get more sales.  Our mentors will give you feedback and help steer you toward success!

What kind of help will the Teen Market provide?

School to Career will host three after-school “Get Ready” meetings.  Community mentors will help you learn about how to launch your business, figure out your product offerings, establish prices, and more.

What if I need ideas, or don't know what to sell?
Do a search on the internet – look for teen crafts, teen business, farmers market, crafts to sell etc.

Try these websites to get started:

Do I need a business license to participate?

No, this is a special case where you will not need a business license.

Do I need to pay for my spot at Teen Market?

The markets are donating space to Teen Market participants, providing tents, and helping set them up and take them down. There is no fee to participate – but please make sure to go out of your way to show the market organizers that you are happy and grateful for all of their support!

Can I go into partnership with someone else?

Yes, you can partner with other students, but not with adults (you are not allowed to sell your mom’s art at your booth, for example). All partners will  need to complete the packet and attend the mentoring meetings as well as participate in all of the selected events. Please note your partnership on your application. If you have a sibling that you are partnering with, at least one sibling needs to be in high school.

How will the selection process work?

Students will be selected on the basis of their business idea and completed paperwork. Please note that you may have a great idea, but if five students have the same idea, the selection committee will bend towards the strength of the paperwork and student letter.  We encourage you to have a backup plan so that you can change course if we have too much duplication.

What will my time commitment be?

You will be required to attend three mentoring meetings (4/14, 4/28, 5/19, 4:00pm-6pm) this spring to prepare for Teen Market.  Returning participants are only required to attend the dress rehearsal meeting on 5/19 but can attend more if they want. You will also need to allow time to create and maintain your inventory so that you have items to sell. We will help you figure out how to set your prices based on the time it takes you to make an item.

How many markets can I sell at?

You will be asked to choose a set of  summer dates that you will can be available to sell in-person. Last summer, due to covid, the Tuesday Night Market was not open at all.  If the Tuesday Night Market is open this summer you may get as many as 5 in-person sales opportunities.  If they are closed down again, we will have fewer opportunities – the Aloha Community Market is on Thursday evenings, and the Hillsboro Farmers Market has space at the Saturday Market only.  You will be able to participate in the markets’ online pre-sales app, What’s Good.  – We will let our Teen Market participants know what’s going on as the situation develops. We will create our summer schedule based on your chosen dates and send it out so that students and parents can be confident in their plans. Hillsboro students may also have the opportunity to have a booth at the Proud to Be HSD Festival.

Can you help me with start up costs?

The Teen Market program has funding for a few $100 forgivable loans.  Each student or team can apply for a loan (one per team).  The money can be used to pay for tools or materials to build your inventory.  When you have made $100 in sales you will pay the loan back with no interest and the funds will be available for students next year. If you participate fully but don’t make that $100 back, we will forgive your loan and you will not need to return it.

Can I use these hours towards my required hours for ELO/senior project? Can I put it on my resume?

Most likely, yes. This is a terrific way to get a jump on your senior year and owning your own business will look great on your resume!

Dandelion Design




Claire's watercolor images




Rachel's coloring pages




Brian's Lapidary




Dylan's watercolor art




The Macalino Authors




Sophia's cards




Simon's art and clothing




Lexy's characters




Tessa's prints, stickers, and totes

Brothers working the booth together

Upcycled dog ties, toys, and tutus!

Kinetic sand and painted tiles

Beautifully packaged bath bombs and luxury soaps

Paws for Pals fundraiser

Paws for Pals tug toys

New life for Busted Boards

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