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We manufacture quartzware for the semiconductor industry. The quartz parts that we make are placed in the equipment that Intel uses to make microchips or wafers.

The Company has been dedicated to uncompromising quality and service since its inception.

Our mission statement:  “Consistently provide leadership in technology and innovation with the capacity to deliver higher yield and greater value semiconductor products and lead our industry in market share and financial performance.”

Through controlled growth and careful training, Tosoh Quartz, Inc. has become known in the semiconductor industry as the quartz fabrication shop whose specialty is providing the customer with products that other suppliers deemed impossible to fabricate. Design engineering capabilities, training and technology exchange programs, coupled with the latest custom machinery and quality control equipment has allowed the Company to maintain its reputation of being the industry leader in technology and quality worldwide. Tosoh has over 400 employees, many being long-tenured, who bring a wealth of company and process experience, as well as newly hired employees, who bring a fresh perspective, work collaboratively within our two facilities (Portland, OR and Durham, England) and live by the values of truth, fairness, keeping promises, respect, responsibility, and pursuing intellectual curiosity.

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