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Be a part of the School to Career Program!  We welcome your involvement and appreciate the gift of your time.  By signing up here you can contribute to the development of our local workforce by sharing your wisdom and inspiring students.  We are excited to welcome new partners to our program and we’d love your participation!

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Our greatest need is for ELO hosts. You will host a student as they learn about your career and business over a few days.  Your time with the student may include giving the student advice on finding a job, helping with their resume and interview skills, touring your worksite, observing, and some hands-on helping. This is a learning experience, so the students are not usually skilled in the area they are looking at but the may be able to help with basic job functions, do research or help you prepare for upcoming events. ELO students are high school seniors who are seriously considering a career in your profession.  (15-30 hour investment)

VELO – Virtual Experiential Learning Opportunities

VELO is a new twist on the ELO for professionals who work at a secure work location, at an age restricted site, or work from home.  In the VELO experience, mentors and students will meet face to face and then collaborate to complete projects, communicate regarding careers and reflect on the experience in a virtual setting. Communication will be through email and skype. This mentor/student experience will last approximately four months and depending on the projects participants choose, the hours of involvement could range between 16-60 hours. VELO students are high school seniors who are seriously considering a career in your profession.  (15-60 hour investment)

Career Days and Career Spotlight Events

Our career event presenters speak to students at group events that are focused on a specific career or field.  These may be held at your location or at ours, we would be happy to talk to you about what will work best.  Career Days are typically large and may include several presenters who represent different but related professions. This may be offering the students a glimpse into a company and showing them the variety of careers available, or we could ask you to be part of a general event where students will have the chance to speak to a variety of specialists. The structure of our large events is for small groups of students to rotate around the room to hear about the career of each presenter at the event.  These events help expose students to a wider range of options than they come in already knowing about.  Because students self-select, register, and provide their own transportation to come to career events you will always have a receptive audience.  We provide presenter guidelines to our volunteers to give you an idea of what to talk about, but our goal is for you to tell your own unique story!  Career Days reach 30-100 students per event.  (3-5 hour investment) while Career Spotlight Events may be smaller with between 5 and 30 students attending. (1.5 – 2.5 hour investment) 

Job Shadows and Informational Interviews

Some students each year will ask for a very unique profession that we don’t cover with a group event.  Based on student requests we may ask you to host a student for an inside look at your career and your company. This opportunity exposes the student to a business environment and basic workplace skills through observation. (3 hour investment)  If meeting with the student is challenging because of distance, workplace safety, or discomfort bringing a student into a home office, we may ask you to meet with them in person at a public location,or over the phone or by teleconference, to explain your career pathway and answer questions.  Informational Interviews may be shorter because of logistics, but they are valuable opportunities for students!  (1 hour investment) 

Guest Speaker

Visit a high school classroom and present to students about your career. Be sure to top it off with what it takes to succeed in the profession, or in any job! (1+ hour investment)

Mock Interviewer

You will attend an event at an area high school and spend about 2 hours interviewing a number of students and giving them feedback on things like handshakes, good answers to common interview questions, and ways that they can improve their resume.

Advisory Board Partner

Participate in four 2-hour quarterly meetings (8 hours per year), collaborating with education and industry representatives to assist high school CTE teachers in curriculum design, community support and mentoring.

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