Hillsboro Awards Gala Nominations 2020

  • Who would you like to Nominate for a 2020 Hillsboro Annual Award?

    Describe in a Word document or text file how the nominee has distinguished himself/herself/itself with respect to both service and achievement based on the judging criteria listed for the award category used. The committee highly encourages supplemental items be included in the nomination submission to ensure the selection is based on valid and worthwhile information. Please limit to a maximum of five pages. Information may include newspaper articles, letters of endorsement from city officials, friends, etc., citations for service and achievement or photos. Place additional information in to your Word document. Information submitted will become property of the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce. Nominee reveal ceremonies occur during a three-week period in March and are based on appropriate schedules.
  • Who is nominating them?

  • Letter of Nomination

    Letter must be written by the Nominator