Business Policies

Education & Workforce Development Policy

To remain competitive, business needs employees who are prepared to meet the rapidly changing demands of the 21st century workplace. Community economic development depends on business’ ability to compete. A quality education is critical to the success of our students, communities and the economy. Demonstrating sound fiscal management promotes credibility and will foster the discussion of stable funding.

Economic Development/Business Growth Policy

The Hillsboro Chamber believes that economic growth and business success are essential for achieving a prosperous and sustainable community.

The Chamber supports policies that promote economic growth and curtails unnecessary or unreasonable constraints on the development and growth of business. The Chamber fosters an environment that promotes economic growth by identifying and protecting business development opportunities.

Hillsboro Chamber Business Policies

Fiscal Policy/Business Taxation Policy

The Hillsboro Chamber recognizes that taxes are a significant cost of doing business and a major reason why people and businesses move into or out of a community. The Chamber recognizes that taxes and fees are necessary for the common good of its members and the community as a whole. The Chamber supports increasing financial accountability and sound long-term planning before any new taxes or fees are suggested or imposed.

The Chamber encourages innovation in creating programs that benefit the common good, the sound management of programs, continuously questioning the necessity of all programs and the prioritization of programs that can be funded using sound fiscal policy.
The tax system should be designed with public interest in mind and with priorities that promote economic and social investment and fairness. Furthermore, long-term solutions to budgetary problems are prioritized over short-term tax increases.

Hillsboro Airport Policy

The Hillsboro Airport is a fundamental part of Hillsboro’s economic development strategy and must be enhanced and protected. The increased residential development surrounding the Airport has created a negative interface between business and residential interests.

The Hillsboro Chamber strongly supports protection of the Hillsboro Airport from continued residential development encroachment and also supports industrial and commercial expansion where appropriate near the Airport. The Chamber supports the City’s efforts to mitigate residential development as well as creating stronger regulations for any new residential development.

Land Use Policy

It is the position of the Hillsboro Chamber that there can be a healthy and effective balance in land use laws and regulations that both reflect the importance of a healthy environment and the value of a vibrant economy.

A “one size fits all” approach to land use regulations often fails to recognize the differences across the state and within our region. The Chamber seeks to find solutions and support policies that protect the health of our region’s environment while recognizing these local differences.

The Chamber is willing to partner with elected and non-elected leaders who recognize both the environmental and economic advantages of finding local solutions that advance the aims of these interests.