An initiative proposed for the November 2016 statewide ballot would impose $6 Billion in new taxes on the sales of products and services that Oregonians buy every day.

Join the coalition to defeat Measure 97 and help stop this costly, damaging and unprecedented $6 billion tax increase.


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Oregon consumers, as well as small businesses, should be very concerned about this costly and damaging proposal.  If passed by voters, Measure 97 would impose a huge new tax on many products and services sold in Oregon.


A study by the nonpartisan Legislative Revenue Office (LRO) concluded that  most of this tax on sales would end up being paid by Oregon consumers  through higher prices on nearly everything we buy – including gasoline, utilities, clothing, medicine, and even food – costing the average Oregon household over $600 every year.


Measure 97 does nothing to guarantee the new tax revenues will go to schools, healthcare, or senior services. The new taxes from this measure would be paid into the state General Fund, giving the politicians and  bureaucrats a blank check to spend billions of dollars as they please, with no accountability to the public.


This measure’s $6 billion tax increase on companies’ sales in Oregon would badly damage our state’s economy and job market. In fact, the in-depth LRO study concluded that this giant tax increase would result in over 38,000 lost private sector jobs in Oregon.


Because this would be a new tax on gross sales – not profits – businesses would be required to pay the tax on their total revenues, regardless of whether they make a large profit, a small profit, or no profit at all. That would mean many employers would have to raise prices or cut jobs, or both.


For many products sold in Oregon, this measure would add a new tax at each step in the production process. By the time an Oregon product goes from a manufacturer to a distributor and then to a retailer in the state, it may have been taxed multiple times before finally reaching the consumer. This type of “tax on a tax” would make Oregon products more expensive, and would make Oregon companies less  competitive.


So what does Measure 97 mean for small businesses and consumers? It means higher costs for Oregon products and services, as well as damaging economic impacts that could threaten the recent economic improvements we have worked so hard to achieve.

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