Nominating Instructions

Carefully read the eligibility and judging criteria for all award categories and  fill out the form below. A member of the nomination committee will contact you for more information regarding your nomination.


5pm Friday, March 31st, 2017
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Award categories Eligibility and Judging Criteria


A current Chamber member (large or small; wholesale or retail) within the Greater Hillsboro area.


Judging Criteria: Business Excellence – Achieved successful business practices, e.g. marketing, promotional activities, strong ethics. Promotes employee self-growth and development. Makes business contributions to the industry and/or involves business in research and development. Has demonstrated a high level of customer satisfaction, confidence and service.


Community Service: Has proven their interest in the welfare of the community through financial contributions, personal service or civic leadership.



A not-for-profit organization that exists within the Greater Hillsboro area, such as social service organizations, adult volunteer groups, service clubs, arts organizations, etc.


Judging Criteria: Any group or organization who has fulfilled their mission or goals, has expanded the services they provide to the community and its improvement, has provided the Hillsboro area with leadership for the welfare of its populace. The organization has made a significant contribution of time, skills and resources toward the improvement of the Hillsboro community.


Hillsboro DistiNguished Citizen

An individual who lives or works in the greater Hillsboro area.


Judging Criteria: Awarded to an individual who has provided outstanding service to the community through the contribution of ideas and initiation and completion of projects for the betterment of the community.

This may be awarded for an accumulation of years of service to the community.



Individual or group that has volunteered their time and service to an organization, school or community endeavor in the Greater Hillsboro area that has resulted in the advancement of that entity, its mission and/or cause.


Judging Criteria: Must have contributed time and service during the previous calendar year. Individual or group has made a significant contribution of time, skills and resources toward the improvement of the Hillsboro community.


An individual who works or volunteers in the public safety profession, including sworn law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services who works within the city of Hillsboro.


Judging Criteria: The nominee has demonstrated loyalty, initiative, dedication to service, attitude and integrity, as well as service to the community above and beyond the normal call of duty. The nominee must be employed or volunteer in the public safety profession during the previous calendar year.



Any individual who lives or works in the Greater Hillsboro area, not necessarily a chamber member. Their leadership and commitment to community service spans a number of years.


Judging Criteria: Has demonstrated superior leadership for fostering a prosperous climate in the Greater Hillsboro area resulting in an enhanced quality of life. Inspires action towards our community’s vision and follows strong ethical and moral standards. Demonstrates a commitment to leadership and civic responsibility by being a model for cooperation and communication among business, government, education, and community.



An agriculturist or agricultural entity in the Greater Hillsboro area who has a successful operation in such areas as farming, ranching, forest products, nursery stock, vineyards, etc.


Judging Criteria: Type of Operation – Appropriate areas might include: management practices, size of operation, stock or livestock enterprises, cropping practices, acreage, condition of buildings/equipment, soil and water conservation, product quality and yield. Marketing – Local and Foreign – Market development, participation in commodity commissions and/or cooperative boards, scope of sales and other marketing activities.  Involvement in agricultural programs and associations, e.g. Agricultural Soil Conservation Service, Farm Bureau, OSU Extension Service. Service to the Community: e.g. youth/senior programs, community service projects and church programs.



A youth group or individual (21 years or under) who lives, attends school or works in the Greater Hillsboro area.


Judging Criteria: The nominee has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the areas of academics, the arts or athletics. Has received a local, state and/or national award or recognition in one or more of the above endeavors. The nominee has given service and leadership to others in the community on a volunteer basis and serves as a role among peers.


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